Museum and Exhibition Lighting

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When illuminating galleries and museums the exhibition display lighting needs to be safe, concealed and clear. Slimline linear lighting can be the ideal solution for a range of applications in exhibitions, conferences, museums, galleries and archives that demand effective display lighting that can be made UV safe and easily installed.

Customisable down to the wire

Many of our linear exhibition lighting solutions are customisable to suit the product or subject of the lighting. This can include altering the colour temperature, UV filtering, cap, wire or light source. Many of our fittings are also available with DALI dimming to manipulate light output and tailor light intensity to suit the time of day and the subject.

Wide variety of LED choices

Many designers choose LED light sources for exhibition and display lighting due to the long lifespan and robustness of solid-state lighting. Exhibitions that need to be mobile or be disassembled and reassembled may rely on more robust mobile lighting solutions that can withstand transport and gentle movement.

In addition, LED light sources are mercury free, UV free and emit less heat than other light sources so are less likely to cause damage to products on display. This is especially important in the case of museum lighting or display lighting for high-value products where UV exposure can damage or otherwise affect the subject.