DDP T5 and T8 Coloured Over Sleeves

Coloured lighting sleeves


Our range of DDP coloured sleeves are a simple and cost-effective solution to add subtle or dramatic colour to your light fitting. These sleeves are regularly used in retail, shop windows, events management and any industries that want to add colour to their space. Sleeves can be used on existing fittings or purchased with a new fitting from Encapsulite.
These sleeves are suitable for use with the following:
  • HFI LED Stick-Lite
  • MT50 Fluorescent
  • LED Stick Lite
  • T8 HFI Stick-Lite
  • T5 HFI Stick-Lite
  • MTIK10 IP67
  • MT360 IP67



Cat No
DIA mm
DDPT5 14w 14 545 17.5
DDPT5 21w 21 845 17.5
DDPT5 28w 28 1145 17.5
DDPT5 35w 35 1445 17.5


Cat No
DIA mm
DDPT8 18w 18 600 26.5
DDPT8 30w 30 900 26.5
DDPT8 36w 36 1200 26.5
DDPT8 58w 58 1500 26.5
DDPT8 70w 70 1800 26.5
Please Note: Not guaranteed for use on HO (High output) lamps. View colours against a white Fluorescent lamp. Due to different production techniques, we cannot guarantee colours to be identical. Please ask for a free sample of a specific colour in the DDP range.



T5 coloured over sleeve

Part No
Length mm
COS T5 6w 230
COS T5 8w 300
COS T5 13w 525
COS T5 14w 549
COS T5 21w 849
COS T5 28w 1149
COS T5 35w 1449

T8 coloured over sleeve

Part No
Length mm
COS T8 15w 450
COS T8 18w 600
COS T5 13w 525
COS T8 30w 900
COS T5 21w 849
COS T8 38w 1050
COS T8 36w 1200
COS T8 58w 1500
COS T8 70w 1800


T5 clear over sleeve

Part No
Length mm
CLRE T5 8w 230
CLRE T5 14w 549
CLRE T5 21w 849
CLRE T5 28w 1149
CLRE T5 35w 1449

T8 clear over sleeve

Part No
Length mm
CLRO T8 15w 450
CLRO T8 18w 600
CLRO T8 30w 900
CLRO T8 36w 1200
CLRO T8 58w 1500
CLRO T8 70w 1800

Technical Info

Light Source Information
T5 or T8 Fluorescent (not provided)
If provided within the lighting fitting
See colour section for choices available
Polycarbonate tube
Slides over existing or new lamp


Our standard range of DDP colour sleeves include 13 different colours (colour swatches available on data sheet). For other optical filters such as C20, LY5, G10 and UV400 see our other sleeve pages. Our Coloured sleeves can incorporate over 200 colours, please contact a member of the team for more details.

Available colours:

  • Candlelight
  • Acid Yellow
  • Light Orange
  • Orange
  • Light Red
  • Red
  • Leaf Green
  • Chrome Green
  • Ice Blue
  • Sky Blue
  • Royal Blue
  • Purple
  • Lavender
  • Candy Pink
  • Pink

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