Fluorescent Light Filter Sleeves – C20, LY5, G10 & UV400

Fluorescent Tube Covers for Safety Lighting


The C20, LY5, G10 & UV400 UV filtering sleeves can help make your laboratory, museum, archive, gallery, clean room or yellow room light safe while handling light sensitive products. All our fluorescent tube covers are suitable for use on existing fittings or can be purchased with new fluorescent linear fittings from Encapsulite.

  • C20 & UV400 conforms to BS5454 standards
  • CE, WEEE and ROHS compliant

Available sleeves:

  • C20 – Clear sleeve, safe up to 400 nm
  • LY5 – Light yellow sleeve, safe up to 470 nm
  • G10 – Gold Sleeve, safe up to 520 nm
  • UV400 – Clear Sleeve, safe up to 400 nm with improved colour temperature


C20 – Clear (Up to 400 nm)

The Encapsulite C20 sleeve is safe up to 400 nanometres and is designed for use in museums, archives and galleries, where constant exposure to unprotected fluorescent lighting will damage items on display. Available for T5 and T8.

LY5 – Light yellow (Up to 470 nm)

The Encapsulite LY5 sleeve contains a specially coated light yellow filter, absorbing ultraviolet light up to 470 nanometres. Designed for more UV sensitive materials and locations whilst giving utmost brightness.

G10 – Gold (Up to 520 nm)

Safe up to 520 nanometres and designed for locations such as clean rooms, plate making facilities, circuit board and semiconductor manufacturing plants.

UV400 (Up to 400 nm)

This product from Encapsulite was developed for museums, archives and libraries to filter out harmful UV from fluorescent tubes while still retaining good lamp colour temperature. The UV400 cuts out all UV up to 400 nm. The new UV400 avoids interfering with the fitment of louvers and diffusers often used in conjunction with a UV filter.

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