Stage, Theatre and Concert Lighting Fixtures

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Stage and theatre lighting is an essential part of any live event and can define the energy and atmosphere created by the performance. We understand that performance lighting designers need to be uninhibited by the technology they work with to unleash their full creativity and create show-stopping designs. Many of our linear lighting products are favourite products of lighting designers for the stage, theatre and entertainment due to their elegant, customisable design and bright dynamic colour.

Fluorescent lighting for stage and theatre

The Encapsulite Stick-Lite, available in T5 and T8 configurations, are fluorescent tube lights with an integral ECG providing a compact and high-impact lighting solution. These stick lights are popular choices for both outdoor and indoor lighting displays as well as on stage, theatre and for broadcasting. These lights are available in a wide range of vibrant colours by interchangeable sleeves as well as customisable end cap and cable colours. The Stick-Lite can be a sleek stand-alone feature or make up part of a larger more complex design to great effect when a standard batten fitting would be too bulky.

LED options for stage and theatre

The Encapsulite Stick-Lite series is used to great effect across many entertainment sectors, however in recent years the LED options within the range have expanded greatly. The Twin Stick fittings use twin LED outputs to create an incredibly versatile linear 360o light output with no shadows.

Colour-changing tube lighting

For colour changing fittings, the RGB Stick-Lite has been developed to create even more dynamic and engaging lighting displays with a compact and sleek design. When a standard batten fitting is too big or cumbersome for the design you want to achieve these colour-changing LED tube lights can create a vibrant and clean output with zero shadowing.