Shop Window Lighting for Retail Displays

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A shop window is the first thing a customer sees when browsing and is a key part of increasing your store’s footfall. Dynamic and impactful shop window lighting can elevate captivating shop window displays to entice customers and drive more shoppers to enter the store. Browse our collection for a full range of both fluorescent and LED fittings for retail display lighting.

LED shop window lighting for the retail industry is perfectly suited to improve the impact of your displays and capture the attention of your customers. Across all LED light fittings there are multiple customisation options and the facility to create bespoke fixtures to perfectly suit the lighting designers vision.

High quality LED fittings will often outlast fluorescent and incandescent alternatives and ensure that your high-impact display lighting stays looking bright and captivating. Dimmable options and connection to central control systems can allow you to change the intensity, colour or configuration of your lighting so that you have complete flexibility with your system. Complete control, as well as the latest in LED lighting technology means that energy usage and maintenance costs are kept to a minimum, saving you money in the long term.

Read more about the lighting options available for other areas of the retail industry or the specific fittings we recommend. Please contact our team with any questions you have about any of our products, for further advice or if you would like to discuss options for a custom or bespoke fitting.