LED Retail Lighting for Shop Refit and Refurbishment

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Upgrading to new retail lighting for shop refurbishment and refits can be the easiest way to bring new life to your shop, supermarket or retail space. There are many reasons to carry out a lighting refit such as redecorating the look of the store, cutting your carbon footprint, saving on your energy bills or new legal standards and guidelines. Whatever the reason, high-quality LED retail lighting can ensure that the investment will result in savings over time and more foot traffic to the store.

Low Maintenance

As well as lowering the day-to-day running costs of inefficient or out-dated lighting systems, LED lighting can save money by having a longer lifespan than other light sources and rarely requiring maintenance.

Energy Efficient

Making the choice to refurbish your retail spaces is the perfect time to make steps as a company towards being greener and more energy efficient. LED lighting solutions are now more efficient, more affordable and more diverse than ever before. Consumers are also more interested than ever to know which companies are making positive steps towards becoming more eco-friendly.

Emergency Lighting

Many of our light fittings are available with DALI and 3 hour emergency options, so that if you find a fitting you like it can be easily customised to meet your legal requirements and guidelines.

Customise Not Compromise

Our team have extensive knowledge of the latest trends in LED lighting solutions as well as traditional and fluorescent lighting options. Our customisation and bespoke offerings mean that you don’t need to compromise when switching to LED. All of our fittings and fixtures can be customised to meet the lighting designers vision or to replicate the same effect as your existing lighting source.