Lighting for Broadcasting and Television

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Linear lighting is not often used for set lighting in television and film production lighting, however can be useful for creating lighting effects, feature lighting or mood lighting.

Linear lighting solutions can also be perfect for illuminating set facilities such as news desks and focus points on television stages. Television and broadcasting are also constantly evolving and moving towards using more LED and solid-state lighting to reduce the amount of heat generated in studios and the risk of breakages.

Low energy lighting

The entertainment industry is now wanting to deliver the same high quality light with lower energy consumption by combining efficient equipment, controls and design choices. High quality LED fittings can assist lighting directors, studio managers and production teams to make low energy lighting decisions, save costs and reduce CO2 emissions whilst also creating high picture quality and entertainment.

Upgrading to LED

Tungsten and fluorescent lighting has previously dominated the broadcasting world due to their high light output, affordability and availability, however new wave LED lighting can match if not exceed these standards. LED is capable of increased light output, better energy efficiency, dimmable capability, longer lifespan and flexibility in its design than ever before.