Retail Shelf Lighting for Shop Displays

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Tailored lighting effects can make the most out of the merchandise as well as capture the attention of shoppers and help them navigate the store. Flexible under shelf lighting and display case lighting can create impact in the store and then be easily moved and changed to fit with new stock and store themes.

Flexible Retail Display Lighting

Shelf lighting can create a multitude of different effects depending on the type, the direction and the intensity of lighting. LED shelf lighting can create front light and back light or create features through under shelf lighting. LED lights can also be small and easy to conceal for glass shelves or glass display case lighting.

Once the light is installed, the fitting can be updated with light intensity or coloured sleeves to create new effects with the same fitting. Talk to a member of our team to learn more about flexible fittings.

Money Saving Retail Lighting Designs

As budgets become tighter and climate change awareness grows, the pressure to reduce energy consumption is becoming increasingly important. To make these energy and money saving choices, it is important to understand the total cost of a light source over its entire lifetime.

LED retail lighting can help to reduce costs over the whole lifetime of the fitting by not only having lower energy usage but also demanding less maintenance and outlasting alternative light sources before needing to be replaced.