LED Event Lighting for Conferences & Galas

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A creative and impactful event lighting system is one of the best ways to impress your guests and transform a space. Any well-designed lighting installation relies on high-quality and equally well-designed light fixtures and fittings.

We can work with event organisers and lighting designers to deliver decorative and functional products to realise their vision.

When creating a lighting effect to stun and impress your guest, you need flexible, dynamic and high-quality lighting. By investing in robust and advanced fixtures you can have the peace of mind that the lighting set up will deliver and remain consistent throughout the event.

One such fixture is our newly developed RGB LED Stick-Lite with remote drivers held within a sleek fixture and colour-changing lamp that can add a dynamic effect to any LED event lighting design.

Many of our lights are customisable with options to change the colour of fittings, light sources, waterproof ratings, safety features and dimmable capability to enable you to create the effect you want.