Interior LED Office Lighting for New Developments

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New building construction projects for offices and commercial buildings are now held to higher standards of energy efficiency and accessibility to develop more sustainable cities. Choosing the right office lighting supplier can be key to meet all the necessary regulations and targets whilst also satisfying the creative needs of designers delivering modern and engaging spaces.

Sustainable Office Lighting for New Buildings

Modern office spaces and commercial buildings need the right balance of light to be comfortable and safe whilst also making full use of natural light to reduce energy consumption. To achieve this balance, there are many considerations and strategies that need to be developed:

Minimising light pollution
Office light fittings can be made dimmable and controlled so that the optimum level of light output is provided and only when it is needed.

Minimising energy consumption
LED lighting is one of the most economical options available for energy consumption. Also, with the reduced servicing required over time, significant monetary savings can be made in the long term on both energy and maintenance.

Consider life cycle costing
By using high quality and robust LED lighting, the fittings will long outlast fluorescent or halogen alternatives with zero maintenance required for years.

Creating atmosphere with LED Linear Lighting

No designer wants to be limited by rules and regulations, so all of our energy efficient, LED office light fittings are completely customisable right down to the wire. LED fittings are also available with up to 360-degree light output, so efficiency doesn’t come at a cost to design.

Browse our range of interior LED linear lighting for more information about the various options available, or talk to our team to discuss customising an existing fitting or designing a bespoke fitting to meet your precise needs.