Commercial Lighting for Public Spaces

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To serve their function, public spaces need reliable and efficient lighting solutions to ensure they are accessible to all whilst reducing the costs of both running and maintaining the building. These public spaces can be as diverse as retail parks, public restrooms, museums, libraries and tourist destinations. Different commercial lighting needs can be required across all of these places, from car parks, to walkways and passages, warehouses, storage facilities and sales areas.

Brighter, Safer Spaces

All of these spaces need to prioritise wellbeing and safety of both visitors and those that work in the facilities. LED lighting solutions for these spaces can provide bright, neutral and even lighting to improve visibility and safety for the high levels of foot traffic, while also maintaining comfortable light levels for employees and clarity on CCTV footage.

Efficient and Cost Effective Commercial LED Lighting

Buildings and organisations open to the public are often under pressure to reduce running costs as well as make efforts to be more environmentally conscious, especially if they are not-for-profit or rely on government funding. As a part of this initiative, reducing the electricity bill can be an important consideration. Linear LED lighting has much lower energy consumption than other light sources and can help significantly reduce power usage.

As well as a smaller energy bill, LED lighting can help save on maintenance costs in the long run as they are more robust, resistant to vibration and impact and will likely long outlast alternative light sources with an expected lifetime of 50,000 hours. All LED light fixtures are also mercury-free unlike their fluorescent alternatives, so when they are ready to be replaced they are simple to dispose of or recycle.

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