Outdoor and Indoor
Sport Lights

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Selecting the right sport lighting is crucial to ensure that games and events can happen safely and be enjoyed by everyone. When designing sport lighting of all types, it is important to take into account all the requirements from the smallest recreational club to complex outdoor stadium lighting systems.

Recreational sport is often played in evenings so effective field or court lighting is crucial for as many people as possible to be able to take part and enjoy the game. Whatever the sport, lighting quality needs to be high to ensure uniformity, comfort and minimised glare or light pollution to surrounding areas that are often residential.

High Quality Lighting for Indoor Sports Facilities

Indoor sports venues can have challenging requirements that demand high quality and consistent lighting fixtures to ensure even and comfortable lighting for players, officials and spectators. Indoor sports facilities, such as ice rinks or indoor swimming pools, demand sufficient lighting to ensure safety and visibility whilst also minimising the reflection and glare that could be created from the highly reflective surfaces. Control over the direction and intensity of the light is paramount due to limitation on the positioning of the lights and availability of space.