LED Office Lighting for Interior Office Refurbishments

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Amongst the thousands of offices in the UK there are countless in need of lighting refurbishments. Well-designed LED office lighting can create a brighter, clearer and more comfortable atmosphere that can help improve focus, energy and mood throughout your workers.

LED Office Lighting Ideas

Technology and innovation in LED means fluorescent office are not often selected for new office developments. Office environments have changed to prioritise comfort, well-being and productivity among their employees and the best place to start with this is your lighting. Upgrading commercial office lighting is the quickest way to make a huge difference to the sustainability, atmosphere and comfort of your office space.

Office ceiling lights using LED deliver brighter and warmer light while also being beautifully designed, energy efficient and built to long outlast their fluorescent alternatives. Robust commercial light fittings will not overheat or flicker and are highly resistant to vibration and impact as well as being non-toxic, and zero maintenance.

Customised Commercial Lighting Systems

If there are special considerations that need to be made in your project, such as key legal criteria or building guidelines, then our team can work with you to ensure that every need is met. We are aware of and able to help with CAT lighting requirements as well as adhering to the CIBSE LG7 guidance for minimum office lighting levels. If your office is in a listed or protected building, we can also advise on the best lighting to not only stay within your guidelines but also match the unique aesthetics of the space.

All of our fittings are completely customisable right down to the wire, to allow complete flexibility in the design and ensure the end product is just right for your office. Have a creative idea for a way to brighten up your space with either bespoke lighting design or customised light fittings? Get in touch with our team to discuss any of the options available.