Commercial Christmas and Holiday Lighting Displays

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Decorating your store for the holiday season is important to connect with customers at this important time in the retail calendar. Bright, high quality lighting is crucial to create the spectacular and eye-catching indoor and outdoor lighting designs that bring spaces to life around the festive season.

Dynamic Displays

Creating a dynamic and eye-catching festive display that stands out on the high street is a challenge for any lighting designer that requires the highest quality starting material. Our customisable linear lighting fixtures and experienced team can develop a fitting to meet your exact needs and help create a spectacular Christmas lighting display. During the busiest time of the year, trust high quality lighting to deliver consistent and beautiful illumination 24/7.

Uplifting Lighting, Year Round

Amazing lighting displays don’t have to just be for Christmas. Colour-changing LED fittings are flexible and easily controlled so the same fittings could be used year on year to create new and interesting festive displays. If you want to keep your retail space bright and beautiful into the New Year, our fittings can change colour and intensity to become part of your year round retail lighting.