Exterior Architectural Lighting

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Architectural exterior lighting is not only for illumination, but also becomes a crucial tool for architects to be able to bring their design to life. The right lighting can add dimension to the structure of a building through stunning effects, striking colour and highlighting texture. LED exterior lighting for architectural products can completely transform a building after daylight has gone.

Robust In All Weather

LED lighting fixtures for outdoor use are hardy and resistant fittings that will withstand vibration and impact to long outlive their fluorescent competitors. Waterproof and dustproof IP ratings are provided on all of our fittings, so you can browse by waterproofing standard if desired.

Tailored To The Building

All our lighting can be tailored and customised down to the wire to ensure that it meets the needs of your particular space. This includes changing the colour, intensity, warmth and finish of the fittings to ensure that the lighting fits the designer’s vision as well as delivering all the safety and security benefits of a well-lit exterior.

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