Multi-Coloured Fluorescent Feature Lighting For Public Knightsbridge Pedestrian Tunnels

  • Project:
    Knightsbridge Tunnel
  • Designer:
    DHA Design London
  • Product Used:
    MTIK10 Fluorescent & DDP Sleeves

Project description

DHA Design were commissioned to create an immersive lighting installation along three public, pedestrian tunnels in the heart of Knightsbridge, London.

The brief was to design a lighting scheme to complement a sound installation that was proposed along each tunnel, creating a sound and light experience that will last for a period of three years, during the site’s development. A repeated pattern of colour, ranging from orange – red – lilac – lavender- sky blue, then back again, was applied to the sound wave pattern across the ceilings of the tunnels.

DHA Designs quickly realised that it was old lighting technology that could meet all the demands of the site and also meet the budget.

The decision was made to use T5 fluorescent tubes rather than LED fixtures, although not entirely based on cost. Encapsulite was selected as the preferred manufacturer, our fixtures are cost effective, robust and readily available. Encapsulite also offer a range of long-lasting coloured sleeves that can add static colour to the fluorescent fixtures.