24: UV400 Sleeves

  1. General Details

    UV400 Sleeves

    Museums, Archives and Libraries

    • This product from Encapsulite was developed to filter out harmful UV from fluorescent tubes while still retaining good lamp colour temperature, importantly the new UV400 avoids interfering with the fitment of louvers and diffusers often used in conjunction with the UV filter.
    • Cuts out all UV up to 400 nanometers.
    • Conforms to BS 5454.



  2. Dimensions

    T5 Tube ø 17.5mm

    T8 Tube ø 27.5mm

    UV400 T5
    UV400 T5 6w 230
    UV400 T5 8w 300
    UV400 T5 13w 525
    UV400 T5 14w 549
    UV400 T5 21w 849
    UV400 T5 28w 1149
    UV400 T5 35w 1449
    UV400 T8
    UV400 T8 15w 450
    UV400 T5 18w 600
    UV400 T8 30w 900
    UV400 T8 38w 1050
    UV400 T8 36w 1200
    UV400 T8 58w 1500
    UV400 T8 70w 1800
  3. Technical Info
    Lamp Construction
    Specific sizes to fit T5 and T8 lamps

    Not suitable for HO lamp

    Polycarbonate tubing extruded with UV inhibitor, 0.45mm wall x 27.5mm for T8 and 17.5mm for T5
    Temperature Standards
    -90 – +120°C BS5454 1989

    CE, WEEE and ROHS compliant

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