22: T8 HFI Stick-Lite Integral ECG

  1. General Details

    T8 HFI Stick-Lite


    Diffused Polycarbonate with fluorescent tube and ECG integral.

    The T8 HFI is a popular option for window and shop displays, also used widely within the TV and theatre industry. Plug in, clip to walls, ceilings, suspend at any angle, or simply lean one in the corner, instant effect easy to use. Choose any colour light output and black or white end caps. There is also an LED version of the HFI range, see LED Stick-Lite in Products.

  2. Dimensions

    Tube ø 35mm

    Cap ø 38mm

    Light output 360°

    LENGTH mm
    POWER w
    HFI T8 18w 18 765 100 565 18
    HFI T8 30w 30 1125 100 860 35
    HFI T8 36w 36 1435 100 1170 35
    HFI T8 58w 58 1735 100 1470 54
    HFI T8 70w 70 2060 100 1735 64.5
  3. Technical Info
    Light Source Information Dimming Optics
    Fluorescent T8 HF electronic ECG. Not dimmable. Polycarbonate satin diffused tube.

    Colour of choice.

    Photometric data available.

    Design Installation Miscellaneous
    Polycarbonate case and end caps.

    3m power cable with UK or EU plug.

    IP20 rated.

    Can be suspended at any angle (extra suspension cables required).

    Surface mounting clips supplied, or free standing.

    If you would like to change something, please ask.
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