15: RGB 30 Stick-Lite 360° light output Remote Driver

  1. General Details

    RGB 30 Stick-Lite 360° light output Remote Driver

    Suspended/Surface | Spotless colour change

    The RGB-30 colour change Stick-Lite is exactly that.

    Connect to a suitable driver and control system, and with multiple lights within an installation, you have the opportunity to create dramatic, dynamic and subtle effects.

    Supplied to stage, TV, retail and entertainment industries

  2. Dimensions

    Tube ø 30mm

    Cap ø 33mm

    Light output 360°

    RGB 30 22 525
    RGB 30 44 1025
    RGB 30 66 1525

    Never run all three colours at 100% as this could cause premature failure.

    Please note other sizes are available please enquire with specific length requirements.

  3. Technical Info
    Light Source Information Dimming Optics
    RGB LED/DMX driver. Yes with suitable driver/controller. Diffused spot free.
    Design Installation Miscellaneous
    Polycarbonate tube, Aluminium end caps either polished or black. Surface mount, suspend vertically or horizontally. If you would like to change something, please ask.
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