07: MT70-F-IP67 Integral Driver

  1. General Details

    MT70-F-IP67 Integral Driver


    Tubular diffused LED light, IP67 rated.

    The MT70-F-IP67 is a waterproof robust LED diffused lit tube, this can be suspended horizontally or surface mounted. The light offers a 180° distribution through its polycarbonate opal diffuser.

    The MT70-F-IP67 is an incredibly versatile linear lighting solution. Black or light grey end caps from stock.

    70mm diameter, (75mm ø end caps) the MT70-F-IP67 makes use of efficient LED technology offering switched or DALI dimming options for a controllable level of light output.

    Suitable for damp/wet areas. Not intended for permanent immersion.

  2. Dimensions

    Tube ø 70mm

    Cap ø 75mm

    Light output 180°

    MT70-F1 675-705 82.5 12 965
    MT70-F2 1255-1285 89.4 22 1920
    MT70-F3 1840-1870 92.6 32 2974
    MT70-F4 2420-2450 89.4 43 3841
    MT70-F2 EC 1255-1285 23 276 EC
    MT70-F3 EC 1840-1870 35 276 EC
  3. Technical Info
    Light Source Information Dimming Optics
    LED/Electronic Driver 3000k 4000k 5000k Other variants to order please enquire.

    High efficiency, high output available see MT70 LED T IP67.

    Non-dimmable as standard.

    DALI available.


    Opal diffuser.

    Clear diffuser available.

    Photometric data available.

    Design Installation Miscellaneous
    Can be suspended horizontally or surface mounted.

    Polycarbonate opal diffuser with light grey or black end caps.

    IP67 rated as standard.

    Class l, ta25°c, 850GWT.


    Two suspension points for fully adjustable horizontal suspension.

    Surface mounting with fixings.

    Installation Instructions available on request.

    3hr Emergency available Dali emergency available.

    If you would like to change something, please ask.

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