1. General Details

    LED-X RD-RGB Remote Driver


    Extruded aluminium diffused RGB light, remote driver, DMX or DALI.

    The LED-X RD-RGB is an aluminium extrusion, LED luminaire, remote driver up to 5m away with opal diffuser, this can be suspended horizontally or surface mounted with discreet clips.

    Offering DMX or DALI options for a controllable level of light, colour change and lengths upto 2.5m.

    Suitable for almost any interior application.

  2. Dimensions

    H25mm x W28mm

    Light output

    Fixing centres anywhere within 150mm each end.
    LED-X RD-RGB 510 14
    LED-X RD-RGB 1010 28
    LED-X RD-RGB 1510 42
    LED-X RD-RGB 2010 56
    LED-X RD-RGB 2510 70
  3. Technical Info
    Light Source Information Dimming Optics
    LED/Electronic Driver RGB 24v DC. DALI or DMX. Opal diffuser.
    Design Installation Miscellaneous
    Suspended horizontally or surface mounted. Remote driver.

    Polycarbonate opal diffuser, aluminium body.


    Class ll, ta 25°c, 850GWT.

    Two suspension points for fully adjustable horizontal suspension.

    Surface mounting.

    Installation instructions available on request.

    No emergency option.

    If you would like to change something, please ask.

    Driver option 100/A

    120v-277v AC UL driver available with DALI or DMX capability, built in control for speed, colour and intensity. Market leading smooth and ultralow dimming output from 100% down to 0.01%

    Each driver can be programmed to stop on a specific colour, scroll through colours at varying speeds and adjust lumen intensity.

    Multiple drivers can be connected to each other and operate in sync with one another from one Master driver. Alternatively a control system can be employed to address each light individually to create stunning and dynamic scenes.

    Tech Spec

    Use 16 Amp B circuit breaker for up to 13 x drivers or a 16 Amp C circuit breaker for up to 27 drivers.

    Maximum cable length driver to control system 300m, Maximum driver to light 5m, 3m black 4 core 0.75mm cable supplied as standard, wire ends tinned, do not cut.

    Never run all three colours at 100% as this could cause premature failure.

    Please note other sizes are available please enquire with specific length requirements.

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