16: RGB 70 Stick-Lite 300° light output Remote Driver

  1. General Details

    RGB 70 Stick-Lite 300° light output

    Suspended/Surface/Floor | Spotless colour change

    The RGB-70 Colour change Elipse gives over 300° of light output, completely spotless with smooth colour transitions and vibrant output in all colours.

    The tough polycarbonate housing with satin finish gives a robust yet sleek sophisticated finish with an 850°c GWT rating, the Elipse end caps available in different colours are V0 rated and allow cable exit to a cost option remote driver up to 5m away.

  2. Dimensions

    Tube ø 70mm

    Cap ø 76mm

    Light output 300°

    Heading 6
    RGB-70 525 14.4 0.6 24v DC 525
    RGB-70 1025 28.8 1.2 24v DC 1025
    RGB-70 1525 43.2 1.8 24v DC 1525
    RGB-70 2025 57.6 2.4 24v DC 2025
  3. Technical Info
    Horizontal suspension, surface mount fixings and brackets are all available.
    Tech Spec
    Use 16 Amp B circuit breaker for up to 13 x drivers or a 16 Amp C circuit breaker for up to 27 drivers.

    Maximum cable length driver to control system 300m, Maximum driver to light 5m, 3m black 4 core 0.75mm cable supplied as standard, wire ends tinned, do not cut.

    Driver option 100/A
    120v-277v AC UL driver available with DALI or DMX capability, built in control for speed, colour and intensity. Market leading smooth and ultralow dimming output from 100% down to 0.01%

    Each driver can be programmed to stop on a specific colour, scroll through colours at varying speeds and adjust lumen intensity. Multiple drivers can be connected to each other and operate in sync with one another from one Master driver. Alternatively a control system can be employed to address each light individually to create stunning and dynamic scenes.

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