Encapsulite News

5th March 2018

Bough 3 – A light installation by Simon Corder

Bough 3 was an installation of fluorescent tubes at 21 South Audley Street, London W1. It was made by Simon Corder for Lumiere London, which took place 18-21 January 2018 – Bough 3 was produced by Artichoke and commissioned by the Mayor of London.

Simon Corder said: “It was great to make a piece for Lumiere London on the iconic 17-22 South Audley Street, home to Thomas Goode & Co. This was my third piece in the Bough series, the first being a permanent installation at the Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf (2004). The second was permanent at New Wynd, Glasgow G1 (2010).”

Simon Corder said: “I like the pure brightness of fluorescent tubes, the simple form, growing them like ivy up a wall, making an organic movement with the tubes on an architectural surface. I was very pleased to continue my collaboration with Encapsulite, and my homage to the fluorescent tube.”
Bough 3 was fabricated and installed by Unusual.

Bough 3 was part of Lumiere London 2018, a four-day international light festival produced by Artichoke. Bough 3 was sponsored by Cain International.

Simon Corder won a Knight of Illumination Award in 2017