About Us

Encapsulite have been manufacturing lighting since 1968. We excel at accommodating customer/project requirements, so please ask if we can change any of our lighting products to suit your specification. If we can we will. We also have a distributor network extending across the world that enables us to service international projects locally.

Encapsulite will always use the latest available products to produce our lighting, but we are also aware that when upgrading to the most efficient drivers and LED technology, we must design out obsolescence for existing products.

We have as a company always moved with new technology and designed products to fulfil the requirements of our customers, combined with a flexible approach and a service to match Encapsulite will endeavour to go the extra mile for our customers in a bid to meet and exceed expectations.

Please ask if we can change/modify or design a special for your project. We are happy to supply samples free of charge to lighting designers so do make that request.

All quotes are fulfilled either same day or next day and if more urgent we are happy to quote over the phone.

Our Team

Who’s behind the scenes at Encapsulite?

Simon Waumsley
Managing Director
Lorna Flower
Purchasing/Operations Manager
Jane Barry
Quotations Manager
Zoe Ingram
Sales Assistant
Jordan Waumsley
Accounts Executive
Clare Donnelly
Sales and Marketing Manager
Seven fabulous and valued members of the team.
No one person can do it all! We all need each other, there’s no I in team. Work takes a large percentage of our time and should be positive, if it’s not, tell me!

A brief history of our company


Encapsulite Int Ltd started in 1968


Started to manufacture Darkroom safelights in conjunction with Agfa and became the largest independent manufacturer, working closely with all the major photographic companies including Kodak Konica Fuji and many others.


Began to produce and supply coloured sleeves for fluorescent tubes.


Encapsulite freed the fluorescent lamp from the batten fitting with the Stick-Lite and remote Ballast.


Produced the sodium oxide lamp with specific filteration for darkrooms utilising Agfa materials.


Started to manufacture coated fluorescent tubes for the food and associated industries.


Designed the IP67 MT70 range of lights with T8 lamps.


The first incarnation of the HFI Stick-Lite arrived utilising ballasts from Harvard.


T5 lamps arrived, Encapsulite embraced the then new technology and produced the T5 Stick-Lite and the MT50 range of IP67 lighting.


Encapsulite moved from 4000 square ft dilapidated factory to a modern 10,000 square ft premises, from there on Encapsulite enjoyed rapid expansion until the recession or 2007/8 at which point we shrank, consolidated and rode out the worst years of recession with our ability to adapt and still push forward with new product designs.


Encapsulite embrace LED technology, forging ahead with new and exciting products that we continue to push forward utilising the latest available technology.


Peter Waumsley founder of Encapsulite passes away aged 81, although not involved with the company for many years, his foresight and “can do” attitude inspires to drive us ever forward.


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